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Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Arranger Keyboard

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The Yamaha Genos is simply an outstanding & completely inspiring arranger workstation keyboard. Featuring truly breathtaking sounds as well as high quality styles, there is nothing quite like it. Welcome to the new world of Digital Workstations. Genos is the new benchmark in Digital Workstation sound, design and user experience. Whether you are in a recording studio or on stage, Genos will inspire and intensify your musical creation and performance.

This page is for the Yamaha Genos without speakers. Please check out our other pages for alternative package options if you require to add speakers or a stand.

Sound Quality:
Powered by specially developed Yamaha technology, the sonic quality of every Voice in Genos is beyond any other Digital Workstation you've ever played. As a result, everything you hear, whether it be the beautiful CFX piano, the lush Kino Strings or the punchy Revo!Drums, it just blows you away!
AEM (Articulation Element Modeling):
This technology simulates the characteristics of musical instruments. During a performance the technology sounds appropriate samples, in real time, according to what and how you play. You will find the samples smoothly joined and articulated, just as would naturally occur on an actual acoustic instrument.
Revo!Drum Voices recreate the authentic sound of drums. Even when playing the same key multiple times, the sound is always of a different nuance, therefore making it incredibly natural and realistic.
Keyboard Action:
The Genos FSX keyboard features a premium action with aftertouch. The keys are created in a high-precision manufacturing process for an incredibly durable keybed, enhanced key stability and "fast" action. Furthermore, the 76-key professional keyboard features enhanced touch response allowing for highly expressive and dynamic performances.
Recording Options:
Quickly record your performance as audio (WAV) or Standard MIDI File (SMF) with the Quick Recording feature. For more complex arrangements, Multi Recording features a fully functional 16-track MIDI sequencer with realtime and steptime functionality. In addition, once you are happy with your recording, it can be stored to the internal User Drive or saved to USB Memory for easy sharing.
Digital output:
The new S/PDIF Digital output can be connected to compatible studio equipment or home theatre. Consequently, allows you to output audio from Genos without any loss in quality.
Available Accessories:
Why not add the Yamaha MS01 speaker set to your Genos workstation. Specifically designed to offer the best quality sound and tone and as a result increase your enjoyment. Looking to create the perfect style and appearance at home, then add the L7B stand to your set up. This specifically designed stand really sets off the Genos. Fuerhtmore you have several pedal control options for sustain, volume and assignable switching. Therefore why not add a Yamaha FC7, FC4 or FC5 pedal.
What we say about the Yamaha Genos:
This is quite simply the best sounding keyboard we have ever heard. Therefore whatever genre of music you wish to perform, Genos is ready to accompany you with world-class arrangements, punchy drums and powerful DSP/Effect. Never has there been a more perfect personal backing band.