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Yamaha PA150B Power Adaptor 12V 1.5A

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The Yamaha PA150B power adaptor operates with a variety of Yamaha only products. When you have mains power available, the PA150B is a great alternative to using batteries. If unsure of the model required please check your instruction manual. On occasions Yamaha stamp the information on the underside of the instrument casing. The PA150B replaces some older power adaptors that are no longer available: KPA6, EPA6, PA150 and PA150A.
As a guide here are some examples of Yamaha products that will work with the Yamaha PA150B:
PSR-E Series: PSR-E433 PSR-E443 PSR-E453 PSR-E463 P Series: P-35 P-45 P-85 P-95 P-105 P-115 P-140 P-121 P-125 DGX Series: DGX-220 DGX-230 DGX-520 DGX-530 DGX-620 DGX-630 DGX-640 DGX-650 DGX-660 YPG Series: YPG-235 YPG-535 Arius Series: YDP-141 YDP-142 YDP-143 YDP-S31 YDP-S34 Piagerro Series: NP-30 NP-31 NP-32 NP-V60 NP-V80 MOX & MOXF Series Synthesizers: MOX6 MOX8 MOXF6 MOXF8 MODX6 MODX7 CP Stage Series: CP-40 Stage DD Series Drum Pads: DD-65 DD-75
Make: Yamaha Model: PA150B Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz, 0.5A Output: 12V---1.5A Polarity: Inner Positive (+), Outer Negative (-), You may be tempted to try this adaptor on a non Yamaha product, but please remember that this polarity is not necessarily compatible with other manufacturers. Some musical devices require Inner Negative (-) and Outer Positive (+), therefore this power supply is the exact opposite. Furthermore, there is only one connecting tip at the end and as a result this may not fit Non Yamaha products. As always please check before purchasing.
What we say about the Yamaha PA150B Power Adaptor:
Where mains power is available the power adaptor is a worthy accessory for your Yamaha keyboard or other Yamaha equipment. This option replaces the need to look for batteries or even worry that they are going to run out of power.