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Yamaha YHR567 Full Double F/Bb French Horn Outfit

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The Yamaha YHR567 French Horn should be your first choice when starting to learn this instrument. When you are learning a new instrument especially a brass instrument it is hugely important that the build and design is top quality. In other words it should be free blowing without too much resistance and also have brilliant intonation. Yamaha have achieved these qualities at a fantastic price point. You might find a French Horn cheaper, but will it encourage you to play and also aid you in learning. In addition The YHR567 is a full double horn with a basic design. Its easy response and sure note centering make it ideal for students. Furthermore its colorful tone and precise intonation make it attractive to professionals. This instrument was created with the player in mind, down to the smallest components, such as an adjustable 4th valve thumb lever and water key. The YHR567 is finished in clear lacquer allowing the yellow brass body to shine through. The french horn is supplied as an outfit including mouthpiece and carrying case.
What we say about the YHR567:
When Learning a new instrument, you want it to be as easy as possible to play and therefore making it also fun to learn. With Yamaha you get this assurance and quality from the worlds largest musical instrument manufacturer. As a result the YHR567 is the perfect starting instrument to enjoy learning to play the french horn.