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Yamaha YTR8310Z Bobby Shew Custom Z - Gold Lacquer - Bb Trumpet

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The Yamaha YTR8310Z Bobby Shew Custom Z Bb Trumpet is the clear choice for jazz and commercial trumpeters. The Z was born of Yamaha's long and close partnership with the legendary trumpeter Bobby Shew. Bobby is an incredibly versatile player, and to meet all his playing requirements he wanted to create one super efficient instrument which could scream out a powerful lead, or play soft, mellow ballads. He finally found that instrument in the Z. When Yamaha decided to try to improve the Z, trumpet designer Shunichi Niwata and R& D specialist Bob Malone worked together with Bobby, passing into it all the special techniques learned since designing the first Z. Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are therefore an ideal choice. This means the pistons retain a precise fit and smooth action over many years. The newly designed yellow brass bell features a side seam and a variable wall thickness. This new manufacturing process results in a quicker response, a deeper rich sound, a wider spectrum of tone colours and better projection. In addition, a unique bell bead design allows for a more resonant and prjocting sound. Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensures an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or slide parts. Such a perfect fit helps to achieve smooth air flow and smooth action. Consequently this improves the response and intonation of the instrument. Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for an excellent scale and reduced resistance. As with all Yamaha lightweight trumpets, the YTR8310Z has an unbraced inner outer tuning slide which makes the trumpet comfortably open with less resistance. The instrument also features a one-piece drawn, gold brass leadpipe. This results in excellent intonation, response and proper resistance. The large bore tuning slide and large bell flare in combination with the stepped bore design allows this medium bore trumpet to produce a very big sound with very little effort.
What we say about the YTR8310Z
The YTR8310Z Bobby Shew Custom Z is an extraordinary trumpet. It is lightweight, comfortable to play, and has a beyond exceptional tone. As well as sounding excllent, it plays with ease and a huge amount of natural resonance.