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YFL212 Yamaha Student Flute

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Yamaha have consistently produced great flutes for students to learn on for decades, and this continues with the wonderful YFL212. It is really easy to fall into the trap of buying a cheap instrument to start off on, but what you must realise is this can be a big mistake. This is especially true for brass and woodwind instruments. The quality of the musical instrument you learn on can have a huge impact on how your playing develops and how motivated you are to continue learning. This is why the YFL212 should be one of the first models to consider purchasing from the beginning. Yamaha have worked hard in manufacturing to ensure every Yamaha student flute model avoids the pitfalls of cheaper instruments. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every Yamaha YFL212 flute. New refinements include pointed key arms, which contribute to an elegant aesthetic appearance. Furthermore a completely revised key crafting process that significantly enhances overall precision. This results in greater control and an overall more polished performance. Additionally, the YFL212 features a lip plate designed to guide beginners toward proper breath utilisation and keys with dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability. These and other details are some of the reasons why the YFL212 student flutes have become bestsellers worldwide. With the toneholes being drawn and curled upwards from the body material it allows the YFL212 to have a broad and light sound. In addition the covered keys are easy to use. With the pad cup being covered it seals the tonehole every time you depress it and close the key. This is common with beginners or others who may not always press the center of the key. Furthermore the 212 features an Offset G configuration for easier playability. Often teachers recommend beginners starting on these flutes, while more advanced players are also choosing this natural feeling configuration. Then finally the Split E Mechanism, which helps give more stability and better centered intonation to the high E.
What we say about the YFL212:
Throughout the decades Yamaha have consistently developed brilliant student flutes, and the YFL212 carries on with that tradition. With the shape of the lip plate and the quality of the mechanism, they are one of the easiest flutes to play and get the best tone. Therefore a perfect choice for the beginner or occasional flautist.