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YOB241B30 Yamaha Student Oboe Outfit YOB241B-30

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With the Yamaha YOB241B30 you have an oboe specifically designed for the UK students and beginners. Featuring a thumbplate and a low Bb Key on the bell it is Yamaha's most professional student model ever. It is really easy to fall into the trap of buying a cheap instrument to start off on, but what you must realise is this can be a big mistake. This is especially true for brass and woodwind instruments. The quality of the musical instrument you learn on can have a huge impact on how your playing develops and how motivated you are to continue learning. This is why the YOB241B30 should be one of the first models to consider purchasing from the beginning. Yamaha have worked hard in manufacturing to ensure every Yamaha student oboe model avoids the pitfalls of cheaper instruments. Due to the precise intonation of the YOB241, it allows students to focus more on developing their own musical sound and style. The 241 B30 features a characteristically warm oboe tone. In addition it sounds very close to that of a professional wooden instrument. Therefore even a complete beginner will quickly develop a beautiful tone.
What we say about the YOB241B30 oboe:
Yamaha are now the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. Their success has been down to their ability in being able to produce consistently reliable and easy to play instruments for beginners, students and professionals alike. With the YOB241B-30 this ethos is still at the forefront of all they do, a brilliant student instrument.