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YPC32 Yamaha Piccolo Student Outfit Complete Includes Case

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The Yamaha YPC32 is a brilliant piccolo for the first time student player. This is all down to the ease of playing and its accurate intonation. Not only that is is also a great choice for flautist looking for a reliable second instrument to double on. Therefore if you are playing in orchestras or bands why not add the Yamaha piccolo to your kit list. The Yamaha piccolo is easy to look after as the body comes made with sturdy, maintenance free ABS resin. This also allows it to produce a sound similar to that of natural wood.
What we say about the Yamaha YPC32 Piccolo:
The Piccolo can sometimes prove a tricky instrument to learn to play. It can also prove difficult to get an even sounding tone consistently. With the Yamaha 32, you have a piccolo that has been designed and crafted to help you overcome these difficulties. This is why we recommend it as a brilliant instrument to start your piccolo playing on.