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YRS24B Yamaha Soprano Descant Recorder YRS24BUKII

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The Yamaha YRS24B Soprano/Descant recorder is probably the world's most popular model. This is all due to the fact that many schools and colleges recommend this model as a starter instrument. The reason behind this choice is all down to its accurate intonation, easy playability and rich expressive sound. For generations many children's first instrument was the recorder, sparking the joy of playing a musical instrument. The YRS24BUKII is an ABS resin recorder and therefore has excellent impact resistance. Although constructed with ABS resin it features include an exceptional wood-like feel during play, a clear timbre, and a perfect pitch. Yamaha achieved this by using their understanding developed through the manufacturing of wooden recorders.
What we say about the YRS24B:
The Yamaha Soprano/Descant recorder is a great first time choice in learning to play a musical instrument. It produces a nice sweet and clear tone as well as being very easy to maintain.