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YSS475II Yamaha Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

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The Yamaha YSS475II soprano saxophone design is similar to the amazing Yamaha Custom EX saxes. Therefore it shares many of the same features found on these fine custom instruments. The result, is a hugely impressive saxophone, offering outstanding response, tone, and intonation. Not only that, along with comfortable playability, it really is hard to believe, you can get this sort of quality for this price. The Yamaha YSS475II has some great features to help with your all round performance. It features a custom Bb spatula, this facilitates correct technique and increases player comfort. In addition the adjustable thumb rest allows for a more comfortable hand and fingering position. While the high F# key allows for more alternate fingerings and a true high F#. In addition, there are some clever details to do with sound production, all beautifully engineered. The new body taper of the YSS475 helps to improve intonation and optimal air-flow. While the lower vent tubing design reduces noise on lower vent key action. The appearance has also been carefully finished, using laser engraving to improve styling and giving an overall improved look.
What we say about the YSS475II:
The Yamaha YSS475II soprano saxophone delivers a professional quality instrument at an intermediate price. As much of the design is based around the Custom EX saxes, it shares many of these features. The 475II offers outstanding response, tone, and intonation, as well as comfortable playability.