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YTR5335GII Yamaha Gold Lacquer Bb Trumpet

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The YTR5335GII is the perfect trumpet for those upgrading from an entry or intermediate level trumpet. This instrument offers consistent excellent performance with its stunning tone and brilliant response. It features a gold-brass bell that produces a rich and wide range of tonal colors. Furthermore with the bell being both Durable and light, it will allow for a greater playing time, leading to longer practice and better all round performance. In addition, a new valve casing design results in improved valve accuracy and durability. Also, detailed changes to the mouthpiece receiver, finger buttons and brace positions improve the flexibility of the YTR5335GII creating a more open sound, perfect for a wide range of musical styles. The instrument comes including a semi-hard backpack-style case.
What we say about the YTR5335GII
The Yamah YTR5335GII is a fantastic trumpet with a fantastic design in regards to all mechanics and materials used. The gold-brass bell provides a beautifully rounded tone with excellent stability. The valve design adds another dimension to accurate playing. Overall, the trumpet is demonstrating the quality that Yamaha has been known to produce.